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Ping Li Dr. Li shares his knowledge of bilingualism, second languages, and the brain as he teaches Introduction to Cognitive Psychology.
Ping Li
Eye Tracking Lab In the eyetracking lab, researchers record eye movements while participants process spoken language or written text, again to understand similar or different second language speakers are from native speakers.
Eye Tracking Lab
Clinical Psychology Undergraduate students have the opportunity to share their understanding of Clinical Psychology through peer evaluations.
Clinical Psychology
Child Study Center Friendship Groups at the Child Study Center help elementary age children develop the basic social skills necessary for making and keeping friends.
Child Study Center
Developmental Psychology Graduate students training in the developmental area listen to an invited talk during the area's weekly seminar.
Developmental Psychology
International Center for Study of Terrorism Dr. Horgan works with his research assistant to review updated terrorism data.
International Center for Study of Terrorism
ERP Lab Researchers record brain responses linguistic stimuli to understand how language is processed in the brain by native speakers and second language speakers
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